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Personalized Caduceus Cutting Board, Staff of Hermes, Doctor Gift, Doctor Graduation Gift, Nurse Gift, Medical Decor, Medical Student, Care

Personalized Caduceus Cutting Board, Staff of Hermes, Doctor Gift, Doctor Graduation Gift, Nurse Gift, Medical Decor, Medical Student, Care, Housewarming Gift, Kitchen Decor, Engraved Cutting Board, Doctor Gifts, Medical Office Decor, Psychology Gifts, Dentist Gift, Dental Hygienist, Sugar skull Gifts, Neurologist, Psychologist, Nature Lover, Halloween, Christmas, Vintage Medical, Anatomy Gifts, Anatomy Art, Best Friend Gift, Gifts for Her, For Him, Neighbor Gift, Moving Gift, Retirement Gifts, Coworker Gift, Boss Gift, Sister Gift, Anniversary, Newly Wed, Gifts for the Couple, Wedding Gift, New Home Gift, First Home Gift, Science Gifts, Lab Gift, Graduation Gift, Back to School Gifts, New Years Gift, Congratulations Gift, Office Decor,Home Decor

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Presenting our personalized, laser engraved cutting board offered in hard woods such as maple and walnut, as well as bamboo! This type of cutting board is great for gifting at weddings, anniversaries, and housewarmings. Surprise your friends and loved ones with a forever engraved cutting board that uniquely fits any occasion!

The journey begins with the careful selection of materials, then on to our wood shop. All cutting boards are sealed with a combination of mineral oil and bees wax and allowed to cure for 24 hours. After that, they're off to the engraver where they're permanently stamped with your preferred mark. Finally, shipped with care to its destination.

-Size: Large 14x10 or Paddle 13x7 or Medium 11x9 or Small 9x6
-All four sizes come in MAPLE, WALNUT, or BAMBOO.
-Our cutting boards are made for decoration on 1 side and chopping on the other side.
-We condition our cutting boards with a mineral oil and bees wax wood conditioner before mailing any cutting boards to you.
-Care instructions will be mailed with any orders.
-Smooth, hand sanded finish.
-Edges are rounded and sanded..
-No chemicals are used in the making of our boards. All are made with food safe products.
-Cutting boards are not stained. Their finish is natural.
-The engraving process is a burning process, no inks or dyes used.
-******* Our boards are made from natural wood and we do not stain or paint our boards. Please be aware that every cutting board is unique and the color of wood may vary from the picture! Some boards may engrave slightly lighter or darker than the photo shows.

Bamboo is a renewable resource. It's the fastest growing woody plant in the world. In fact, certain types of bamboo can grow up to 8 feet per day! This amazing growth is because bamboo is a grass - not a tree. When harvested, up to 1/3 of the bamboo will fully grow back within one year. This makes bamboo an excellent alternative to hardwoods.
Bamboo planting can slow deforestation, providing an alternative source of timber for the construction industry. It allows communities to turn away from the destruction of their native forests and to construct commercial bamboo plantations that can be selectively harvested annually without the destruction of the grove. Tree plantations have to be chopped down and terminated at harvest but bamboo keeps on growing. Growing forests absorb CO2 but deforestation results in fewer trees to soak up rising levels of CO2. Bamboo minimizes CO2 and generates up to 35% more oxygen than equivalent stands of trees.

HARDWOOD (Maple & Walnut)
We prefer a hard wood cutting board — like maple or walnut wood — because it won’t scar as easily as plastic and you won’t have to replace it as often if you are diligent about upkeep. (Be sure to always wash and dry your board well, and also lightly rub it with mineral oil to prevent moisture and bacteria from seeping in.) Furthermore, not only will your wood board last, but it will also help your knives last, because hard wood boards won’t dull your blades as quickly as plastic or glass boards will. Ultimately, whether you use wood or bamboo, the best method for ensuring safety is to use separate cutting boards for raw meat and poultry, and for your vegetables, fruit and prepared food. This limits cross-contamination, which is the biggest danger of all. What kind of cutting board do you prefer?


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